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Benefits of Communication Skills at Work

We have all been told that “good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity” but only a few have understood the essence of the quote. Good communication is essential to achieve business goals such as: getting work done, creating accountability, building purpose and preventing conflicts. It also helps you involve in a healthy and strain-free workplace environment. When you do not have to worry about being unable to express your ideas, intentions and propositions, you can focus more towards development of innovative and creative ideas.

Good communication helps to build a close knit team of colleagues. It evolves the workplace in a friendly positive environment which nurtures great discoveries, inventions, and enthusiastic employees. Such an place would make you love the work you do and also expand your networking skills.

Communication is no longer limited to being a mere soft skill. It has become a critically important skill which fosters growth, success, leadership and engages oneself into the work. This can be acquired by being confident while demonstrating your ideas and requirements even if you are not brilliant at communication. You can also be better at it by learning to accept and improvise your faults.

Clarity of speech is an important factor of good communication. You need to recognise your audience and modify your words and tone in a manner which would be digestible by fellow employees. 

Poor communication internally in a team or company can affect external perceptions of the team or company. Unsatisfied employers and clients will have a deranged review of the company. This might put the company under huge pressure and stress resulting in a negative environment around you and your work. 

1. Better communication enhances your learning capabilities

If you cannot communicate your issues during work and clarify your doubts concerning the work process or the problem statement given to you, it will induce frustration and disconnect from the workplace. Good communication skills will not only prevent chaos and confusion but also assist your mentor to guide you better. You will have an atmosphere where you can freely exchange creative ideas and concepts that can be implemented easily. Business operations improve in a friendly, interactive and transparent workplace environment which in turn leads to more satisfied clients. You will have an increased knowledge of the business tactics and techniques.  

2. You would never feel stuck at work 

Do not hesitate to regularly seek assistance from your mentor. You will have a better interaction with your mentor and therefore, you will never find yourself in a tight spot. You will be able to comprehend the assigned duties better along with quality output to the company. The reason being, you will become much more resourceful and productive than before. An active discussion in the workplace helps an individual in establishing cohesion within the team. You will feel encouraged to provide the company with the best possible product as your commitment and dedication towards the company will increase drastically. You will start developing more interest in your work and never feel bored!    

3. Smooth work from home

Due to the COVID crisis we got adapted to work from home. At times we face network issues or are unable to focus completely upon the work that has been allotted to us. An individual should be honest about their situation at all times and keep the mentors and superiors updated. Avoid losing contact to your superiors as sometimes working remotely might lead to a sense of disengagement. 

How to improve upon your communication skills

Work upon your listening skills

It is important to first listen to others and understand what they are trying to convey. You can listen to speeches by prominent people, TEDx Talks and documentaries. This will not only improve your listening and comprehensive capabilities but also give you an idea of how to communicate effectively and help you improve your linguistic skills. 

Start reading

Reading is an activity which enhances one’s brain connectivity coupled with vocabulary. With an improvised vocabulary you would be able to explain and represent your ideas in a better manner. If you are not very fond of reading, start with basic newspaper articles or magazines of your choice and later advance to novels. Identify topics of your interest and start reading books on them. If not books, you can also read news from your mobile app daily in the morning for 15-20 mins. This will also help a lot. 

Practice speeches

You can occasionally practice speeches on random subjects in front of a mirror and attempt to talk seamlessly without hesitation. This would help you develop a flow in your conversations. 

Gather your thoughts

Before you speak publicly, it is okay to pause and gather your thoughts for a moment. Get comfortable with yourself, take a rough mental note of all the points you want to cover during the discussion/ presentation/ conversation. Do not try and mug up a word-to-word dialogue.  

Speak clearly

Speak all the words with clarity. Do not speak too fast. Pronounce every word correctly. If you have any doubts regarding the pronunciations you can use google to check upon it. Do not add an unnecessary or an unnatural accent to your speech. Unclear and accented speech is unattractive.        

Start talking

Last and the most important advice, just start talking with people. Don’t worry too much on how others will perceive you. If you think something is important to discuss in a team, just go for it. 

If you want to work on your communication skills, you can also join internships that involve communicating with people. Cuvette is one such platform that can help you find such opportunities and more, you can checkout this page and apply now to start working on your skills!

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