Financial Independence

Remember when we were all young and eager to grow up? How not seeking permission for going to a friend’s place looked like a dream. While scrolling through the endless Instagram feed, I found this post that said, “As a child, I wondered why Squidward was so cranky, and now I wonder why is SpongeBob so annoyingly happy?” that’s when it struck me, Adulting isn’t fun, is it? Beginning from cooking to cleaning and laundry, there is hardly a thing that a sane person would enjoy. But while weighing the pros and cons, there is something we both enjoy and detest – Handling our finances. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we experience adulting when we are forced to plan our meals or look for cheaper transportation alternatives as our pocket doesn’t allow us to experience luxury. While for most of us as Indians, parents are expected to buy an outrageously overpriced degree, such reliance is heavily mocked in the western countries. There you find high school students taking up part-time jobs, college students, or even highly educated employed adults worrying about student loans, so what is all that fuss about? Why is it even necessary? The answer is something we are hardly tutored about or know the importance of.

Financial Independence means different things to different people. For some, it is being able to make decisions without money being a deciding factor. For others, it is taking care of loved ones without constraints. For you, it might mean doing a job because you love to rather than when you have to, or its sole motive can be to avoid being reliant on your parents and a burden for the next generation.

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