Goldee Arora from HBTU Kanpur got Mobile Developer Internship

Recently we got a chance to have a discussion with Goldee Arora who is pursuing Btech from HBTU Kanpur. He got an Internship in Mobile Development through Cuvette and shared about his experience with us. Do give it a read

Q. Introduction

Hi, myself Goldee Arora. I am pursuing BTech from Harcourt Butler Technical University, Kanpur. Right now I’m in the third year of my college and right now I got an internship from where I’m doing a mobile developer internship. 

Q. How has your entire experience been with Cuvette?

So it was pretty nice. The UI is good and the opportunities are pretty awesome. I got the call and I got recommended pretty often, so it was pretty nice.

Q. For how many posts have you applied till now and how many of them selected you?

I applied to a front-end dev and mobile developer. I have done React and React native. On React native side I have applied for the mobile developer. I got two calls like I did two interviews on mobile developer and one from React JS only like frontend dev and I got selected in three of them. I accepted the Otomator Technologies Pvt Ltd offer and it was kind of easy through Cuvette

Q. What was your application experience on Cuvette like? What was the processs?

My projects were good. I worked on my projects. Like it took four weeks to build my project and I explained it well on my resume and they asked me on that only and I explained it well and they liked it. And then we have a second interview call like the second round and I cleared that, that’s how it was. It was pretty nice. It was easy.

Q. So have you tried applying on other platforms as well for internships?

There are so many opportunities at Cuvette only like I open the tabs and I come to Cuvette and I apply and then go back to my work again. I didn’t think much about other platforms. 

Q. You have got an internship, do you think it’s very useful for the students in the long term? And if so, how? If they want to get a job, how is the Internship useful? What do you think about it?

It is pretty important, you get to work on the real-world projects. It is good when we work on dummy projects, but when you work as an intern, the real users will be there on your project. That’s natural. Like you have to optimize what you have written. No one is going to tell you what’s going to happen on your site when you are building it locally on your personal project. But when you build a real-world project, then the users will come. Like I’m developing a mobile app, so whatever I build, they guide me. I get to know how I can optimize this piece of code so the users will get a better UI experience or the flaws we get to know in our journey.

Q. Any tips that you want to give to the students to get an internship through Cuvette or in general?

I don’t think I reached a point where I can give tips to students, but I could say that – build projects and do more emphasis on clean code and more optimized code. Write code in such a way that is pretty useful to others as well.

Q. Lastly, any particular thing that you really liked about Cuvette? Anything, any feature, or any process that really helps you out or that stood out for you.

There are so many companies that I would apply from Cuvette that I didn’t need to look over to the other platforms. Like I just worked on my things and I never thought a bit about whether I’m going to get an internship or not. I just came to Cuvette, I apply and I go back to work.

Thanks a lot Goldee for sharing your views with us. We hope many students will get to learn from you and crack their next internship.

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