How Avinash secured a Full-Time Job Offer after PGP!


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In this blog post, we delve into the journey of Avinash, one of our dedicated students, who have successfully landed a placement in a Noida-based company through Cuvette’s placement guarantee program. Avinash shares his personal experiences with Cuvette’s Placement Guaranteed Program, the teaching approach, projects, mentorship, and the profound impact it had on his coding skills.

My name is Avinash, and I’m from Jamshedpur. In my last year of college, I decided to join Cuvettes Placement Guarantee Program, which turned out to be a pivotal decision for my career. Through this program, I learned full stack development and am currently working in a Noida-based company. My family, especially my mom and dad, were thrilled with my progress, and I couldn’t be happier myself.

Learning Fundamentals

In the beginning, Cuvette focused on the fundamentals of web development, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I worked on mini-projects related to these concepts, which significantly improved my understanding of HTML and CSS. After mastering the basics, Cuvette introduced us to libraries like React JS. I even built games as mini-projects to solidify my knowledge of React, which was both challenging and fun.

Backend Development

The training program then transitioned to backend development, allowing me to complete the journey from front end to back end. One aspect I particularly appreciated was Cuvette providing a Figma design for the final project. This design challenged me to build a full application independently, which greatly enhanced my coding skills, especially in logic development. The mentors at Cuvette were always there to guide me through any challenges I faced.

Mentorship and Support

The mentors at Cuvette were instrumental in my learning journey. Whenever I encountered difficulties, the Slack group provided a platform for quick doubt resolution, with mentors responding within 10 to 15 minutes. This immediate support system enabled me to progress smoothly through the training program.

Duration and Beginner-Friendly Approach

Cuvette’s training program spans six months, which is an ideal duration for beginners to grasp full stack development concepts effectively. I cannot stress enough the importance of consistent effort and hard work to succeed in the program. Hustling and remaining dedicated to the learning process were key factors in my success.

Career Opportunities

Joining Cuvette’s placement guarantee program opened doors for me. Within a week of joining the program, I started receiving interview opportunities from various companies. The connections and opportunities provided by Cuvette facilitated my seamless transition from education to employment.

My journey with Cuvette showcases the transformative power of structured full stack development training. From learning the basics to building complex applications, Cuvette’s program equipped me with the skills and knowledge necessary to kickstart my career in the tech industry. The supportive mentorship, hands-on projects, and emphasis on practical learning make Cuvette’s program an invaluable resource for aspiring developers looking to enter the field of full stack development.

If you are also looking for jobs, join our Placement Guaranteed Course designed by top IITians and Senior developers & get a Job guarantee of CTC upto 25 LPA – /placement-guarantee-program/

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