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How to manage internships alongside college?

“Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.”

Simultaneously juggling between two of the most crucial responsibilities of being a good student and a professional intern is an art and can be extremely exhausting. It might drain you of the zest and enthusiasm in your parallel personal life, if not organised systematically. You landing up on a tight spot wouldn’t be unusual and would often frustrate you or pile up tasks on your ever-extending to-do list.

Any average student must establish a balance between the academic and extracurricular schedule of the college and the completion of the internship tasks with accountability. Therefore, it is essential to arrange and rearrange your schedule according to your comfort and capacity.

1. Prioritise

Prioritising tasks can be done as per relevance to the future goals or your deadlines. You need to determine the significance of the tasks allotted to you and later identify the due dates attached to them. In order to perceive the tasks that need to be implemented immediately, a clear futuristic aim must be established at the back of your head. This will prevent confusion and provide a direction to your work schedule. 

2. Stick to your schedule

Involvement of a particular work schedule separating various work assignments will help you to be much more organised and processing the task will become easier. This will prevent you from falling behind on your assignments and slacking out on them. Furthermore, it would not initiate a pile-up of work. You should fill out a separate calendar marked with the due dates so as to keep a track of your work progress. 

3. Distribute time

Analyse every task and keep a record of the time duration required in order to complete it. This will provide you with a cushioned schedule to process your work. You need to allot time for both college academics and extracurricular activities along with your internship endeavours.  

4. Get your goals sorted

You are to be crisp and clear in regard to your aspirations. This would help you to build up a priority list and focus better on one single task at a time continued by smooth completion of the pile. You can categorise and sort your goals according to short term and long term basis . Furthermore, plan out your processing accordingly. 

5. Communicate

Communication anywhere is the key to growth and success at a rapid rate. If you can communicate your doubts, issues and ideas effectively to your academic and internship mentors, you would be able to wrap up all of your pending work in no time and keep yourself updated. Good Communication can further boost up your confidence in the workplace and enhance an essential skill of building good relations with one’s mentors and batch mates. 

6. Limit yourself

One should always ensure that they are always aware of the fact that knowledge is the main priority and are valuing learning. It is important to always keep a check upon yourself while doing internships and ask yourself whether you are learning anything substantial during it, if not then limit yourself and stick to core academics. This self reflection will benefit you immensely in this crucial time of youth by preventing you from wasting it in activities which wouldn’t prove to be a proper investment in the future. 

7. Time to relax

Overworking oneself is never a good idea. It would gradually lower your interests in the work and induce an immaculate amount of unnecessary stress and further have your mind detached from yourself. Always make time for yourself, to relax, to pursue your hobbies or to just binge watch yet another series for a night. It doesn’t take conversion of a human into a tasteless robobot in order to learn and succeed in life. 

8. Sleep well and hydrate

This one is definitely a no-brainer. A good 8-hour sleep is essential no matter the work. A well-slept mind functions better and is more efficient in executing the different tasks allotted.  Properly hydrated body will assure good health even if one doesn’t have enough time to focus upon health and bodily issues.

9. Brain dump

Brain Dump of not only ideas, concepts and learnings but also emotions is important for mental stability which in turn is important for effective multi-tasking which might come in handy while you are managing both internship and college academics simultaneously. Keep a note of all the intriguing concepts and ideas along with important information that comes to you while working, this would help you keep a record of everything. You will soon find yourself having full control over your life. 

10. Treat yourself

After you successfully achieve your goals for the day/week/month, it’s good to treat yourself for working hard for yourself. No matter how little your favourite thing is, it will make you happy at the end of the day and would drive you to work harder towards your target. It will help you to restart but this time, it’s all refreshed and full of excitement and energy.

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