Phone Pe Interview – Tips and Tricks on how to Stand Out!

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PhonePe, a leading digital payment platform in India, offers seamless and secure financial transactions. Founded in 2015, PhonePe has revolutionized the way people handle payments, bringing convenience to millions. If you aspire to join this innovative company, understanding their interview process is crucial. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the stages involved in securing a position at PhonePe.

If you’re looking to join PhonePe, a leading digital payment platform, there are three primary ways to start your journey:

  1. PhonePe Off-Campus Drive: Participate in their off-campus hiring events.
  2. Apply Online: Visit the PhonePe Careers page and apply for open positions.
  3. On-Campus Recruitment Drive: Engage in their campus hiring events.

Additionally, PhonePe conducts hiring challenges and hackathons to attract top talent. Stay updated on these opportunities by following platforms like Unstop or downloading relevant apps.

PhonePe Recruitment Process: Detailed Overview

The PhonePe recruitment process involves four key rounds:

Round 1: Online Coding Test

The initial stage is an online coding test comprising three questions. This 80-90 minute elimination round tests candidates on coding skills with varying difficulty levels from easy to hard.

Round 2: Technical Interview 1

Upon passing the coding test, candidates proceed to the first technical interview. This 60-90 minute session starts with a general introduction, followed by coding questions designed to assess implementation skills, logic, and data structures and algorithms (DSA). The questions range from medium to hard in difficulty.

Round 3: Technical Interview 2

The second technical interview delves deeper into technical knowledge, covering topics such as Linux, operating systems, dynamic programming, and programming languages. This 60-90 minute round is more challenging than the previous ones.

List of DSA Questions

  1. Course Schedule
  2. Find the Distance Between Two Nodes in a Tree
  3. Unlock the Briefcase
  4. Dijkstra’s Shortest Path Algorithm
  5. Search in a Row and Column-Wise Sorted Matrix
  6. Circular Tour Problem
  7. Count Palindromic Substrings in a String
  8. Next Greater Element
  9. Reverse Words in a Given String
  10. Largest Rectangular Sub-matrix with Sum Zero
  11. City and Bridges Problem
  12. Number of Islands
  13. Reverse a Linked List
  14. Snake and Ladder Problem
  15. Minimum Number of Deletions and Insertions
  16. Program to Validate IP Addresses
  17. Find Pairs with Difference K
  18. Right View of a Binary Tree
  19. Distance Between Two Nodes in a Tree
  20. Search in a Sorted 2D Matrix
  21. Aggressive Cows Problem
  22. Form a Triangle with Sticks
  23. Covid Vaccination Problem
  24. Insertion in an AVL Tree
  25. Best Time to Buy and Sell Stock
  26. Median in a Stream
  27. Deletion in an AVL Tree
  28. Sort 0, 1, 2
  29. Accounts Merge
  30. Count Ways to Reach the N-th Stairs
  31. Diameter of a Binary Tree
  32. Find the Repeating and Missing Number
  33. Pairs with Difference K
  34. Kth Largest Element in a Stream
  35. Intersection Point in Y-Shaped Linked Lists
  36. BFS in Graph
  37. Probability of Knight
  38. Find K Most Frequent Elements in Linear Time
  39. Maximum Path Sum
  40. Burning Tree
  41. Cycle Detection in a Singly Linked List
  42. Topological Sort
  43. Total Decoding Messages
  44. Rotate Array
  45. Split a Circular Linked List into Two Halves
  46. Capacity to Ship Packages Within D Days
  47. Chocolate Distribution Problem
  48. Tower of Hanoi
  49. Rotten Oranges
  50. ZigZag Tree Traversal

List of Technical Questions

  1. What is a kernel?
  2. What is Demand Paging in an Operating System?
  3. What is FCFS Scheduling?
  4. What is Context Switching?
  5. What’s the difference between a process and a thread?
  6. What is Thrashing?
  7. What is fragmentation?
  8. What is IPC?
  9. What are starvation and aging in an OS?
  10. What’s the difference between a dispatcher and a scheduler?
  11. Define the four different layers of the TCP/IP Reference Model.
  12. What are the various types of nodes?
  13. Explain the purpose of DNS and how it works.
  14. What is a Proxy Server?
  15. Explain the concept of load balancing.
  16. What is the SMTP protocol?
  17. What is multiplexing in networking?
  18. What is a zone-based firewall?
  19. What is Anonymous FTP (File Transfer Protocol)?
  20. What are Network Protocols?
  21. What are the types of keys in the Relational Model?
  22. What’s the difference between the E-R Model and the Relational Model in DBMS?
  23. What is data abstraction and data independence in DBMS?
  24. What is normalization?
  25. Describe the various types of DBMS architecture.
  26. What are the ACID base properties in DBMS?
  27. What is SQL Injection?
  28. What is an Alias in SQL?
  29. What are Constraints in SQL?
  30. What are the various types of join?

Round 4: HR Technical Round

The final stage is the HR interview, lasting 45-70 minutes. The hiring manager evaluates your cultural fit with PhonePe and alignment with the company’s core values. This round includes company-specific and behavioral questions. If the interviewer is satisfied, an offer will be extended to you.

HR Questions:

  • Why PhonePe?
  • Why not opt for higher offers from companies like Google or Amazon?
  • What influenced your decision to choose PhonePe?

Technical Questions:

  • Basic to medium-level questions on data structures (arrays, linked lists, trees), algorithms (sorting, searching, dynamic programming), and language-specific topics in C, C++.
  • Questions on SQL and Computer Networks.

PhonePe’s interview process is designed to assess both your technical prowess and cultural fit. By understanding the structure and expectations of each round, you can better prepare and increase your chances of success. Good luck with your application to PhonePe!

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