Skill Gap

As an excuse for not improving my skillset during this lockdown, I used to tell my parents, “What’s the use of swimming in the sea without direction? It will lead me nowhere but cost me energy and time?”. The generic reply to that would be, “Ask your seniors about industry-relevant skills?”, “Buy a course.”, “What are your peers doing? Do that.”. None of these are in-fact useful until you have the will to look beyond the present assignments and upcoming exams.

I don’t intend to bore you with statistics but, stats don’t lie. According to India Today, “78% of fresh hires in the IT sector need training input to become employable.” As a student, this might look like a problem for the industry while it is an issue for us. We are the ones who are unfit to be employed right after college and don’t seem payable after working hard at grabbing 9 pointers, some of our friends might have been toiling for something more than just grades- Skills. And “Ask your seniors” if you don’t agree, bridging this skill gap is far easier as a student than it will be as an employee at a reputed company while trying to fulfill the expectations of your employer. 

The skill gap is defined as the difference between the skills required for a job and the skills possessed by an employee. Companies bridge this gap either by hiring a third party for implementation or training the existing employee but, students can bridge it far more efficiently by being “employable”. How can an ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ be created without upcoming professionals willing to upskill themselves?

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