8+ tips to shine and make the most out of your internship

First times are always special, even when it comes to an internship and it’s perfectly fine if you’re too worried to mess up at your first internship opportunity. Students usually consider an internship as a bridge between college and permanent jobs, thereby developing real life skills needed to sustain in a work environment. And it’s pretty normal when interns spend 3-12 months at an internship and are so intrigued by the environment that they want this internship to last forever and make it a permanent job. 

Fun fact : 43.5% of interns were approached for full-time employment opportunities at the end of their internship. 

So if you’ve got an internship make sure you do the right things to make the most out of it. Here are a few tips for you to get started! 

Punctuality is necessary

The phrase ‘time is money’ has never been more true than in an internship. People respect you when you respect their time. Make sure you deliver your tasks before the deadline and if that’s difficult, communicate the time differences with your supervisor. Ask for more time if you need, it might be embarrassing but not more than delays! Also, be the first one to arrive at the office and meetings or anywhere necessary. 

Professionalism is a priority 

Every recruiter looks for an employee who carries himself like an employee. Opt for professionalism in everything you do – the way you dress, the way you  talk and even in the way you carry yourself and complete your tasks. While doing that, pair your professionalism with excellence. If your task is to eat an apple, do it in the best way possible. No delays, no glitches, just your best! 

Set goals

The best motivation is your own goals. When starting an internship, realize your own goals and work accordingly. Remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, that’ll be enough motivation for you to give your best! Choose the companies and positions that take you closer to your goals and work on specific skills that you want to polish. Ask for feedback and don’t take negative comments personally. 

Volunteer more work 

Do more than what you’re asked to do. This motto will easily land you on a full time job or atleast a job recommendation. Ask for work, volunteer for difficult tasks – tasks no one wants to do. This will be the best learning experience for you while also being the best trick to impress your supervisor! 

Be accountable of your faults 

When you’re an intern, no one expects you to be perfect. Mistakes are a part of the learning process, just make sure you accept your faults and do your best to fix them. Also, avoid making the same mistake again and again! And never make the mistake of spending more on the cloud than you need to, start optimizing your cloud costs today. 

Ask the best questions 

People are often hesitant to ask questions but asking the right questions is the easiest way to seem intellectually curious. In meetings or conversations with supervisors or seniors look for something important that’s missing and ask about it. Spend time thinking about intelligent questions and shamelessly ask them. 

Teamwork is the best work 

Learn to collaborate efficiently with your team members. While working with fellow interns you’ll be surrounded by colleagues who are on the same journey as you, learn the best techniques to work together and make the most of your opportunity together. This will enhance a productive yet exciting work environment. 

Never miss a growth opportunity 

Be as greedy to learn as you can possibly be during your internship. Curiosity will also go a long way in making you a star intern. Make the most of the training sessions or use your own resources to learn various skills. 

Expand your network and keep in touch 

Regardless of the duration of your internship, ensure you make good connections with your colleagues. Also, don’t limit these connections to just your fellow interns, build a wide network that includes your supervisors and even seniors, if possible. This can be helpful in carrying out your responsibilities while also giving a boost to your personal development. You’ll also possibly find a mentor in the organization, whom you can look up to not just during the internship but your entire lifetime. 


And while there are a number of tips and tricks that’ll help you ace your internship, nothing proves more promising than hard work and consistently. Also, try to be easy on yourself and appreciate your own efforts before others. And while it’s inevitable to make mistakes, learn to work better the next time and even if things don’t work out for you, always remember that there’s always something else around the corner! 

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