Are you dependent on your parents? At what cost?

Being dependent on your parents for money comes with a set of restrictions that are uncalled for. You are made to feel guilty for following your passions or taking risks when the family doesn’t approve of it. It is held over your head, driving you to be average when you can be extraordinary. In this context, I can’t remember the number of times I had to explain the importance of an educational course to my parents before they let me buy the certificate or the number of times I have to assure them that I won’t miss the seminar that they paid for.

Gone are the days when we begged our parents for a little bit of extra lunch money, or an article of pretty clothing we saw at the shop next door, but as it seems the Indian parents are not much comfortable with not being needed. Their desire to be a prominent part of their child’s life makes them controlling and forces them to nag their kid (who is now an adult) endlessly when it comes to spending money. From a parent’s perspective, fields such as photography, painting, music, or dance have little or no scope, and they thus choose a more stable an unknowingly mundane life for their child, which kills the curiosity and passion he/she once had. I personally believe that there are not nearly enough artists in the world, but a guardian’s decision is guided by experience that, according to Indian values, cannot be questioned.

Speaking from experience, many of my friends have wanted to pursue an education in foreign countries but were held back because of a financial crisis. This was a result of the apprehension their parents had about whether or not the child will return to take care of them and the family assets and the delay this may cause in marriage. All of this makes a student eager to be financially independent as early as possible, to save themselves from the judgemental gaze and obligations.

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