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Getting started with Front-end Development

Hey Folks!! In this article, we would be discussing an overview of Front-End Web Development.

We will cover the following points in the article:-

  • What is Front-End development?
  • Industry Demand
  • How to start as a beginner and become a Front End developer?
  • References

What is Front-End Development?

Let’s first understand front-end development with a real-life analogy. We all have visited an online e-commerce website like Amazon, Flipkart etc for shopping. You may have seen the logo on top left, search bar on top to look for the items, drop downs for selecting your specific preference, different cards arranged in variety of sections like cooking items, electronic items, foot wears etc, and then different buttons like Login, Profile, Buy Now etc arranged according to the needs of a user. You may also have seen different banners/images related to sales, discounts etc. So, everything that you observe on a website like an ordered arrangement of elements, buttons, colour palette, cards etc comes under Front-end development.

Front-End Web Development or client-side development architects a response in the form of responsive websites (an interface that fits better on multiple devices) for users to help them to navigate & interact with different features. In simple words, we can understand front end development as whatever you see on a website (how things are designed, how content is being displayed, the interface which shows details about the product, company or any business you surf). 

Front-End development ensures a seamless user interface(UI) and a smooth user experience(UX). From a business perspective, it is also directly linked with content creation, better SEO & SEM practices, digital marketing, etc. 

Industry Demand

1. “The First Impression is the Last Impression

Every business/startup/company want their landing page to be attractive and interactive for users. This helps the users to interact more with their product and get involved with the services they offer. Who helps to build all this? It comes under the job of a front-end developer.  

2. Product Branding

When customers land on a company’s website, the design should be such that people can understand and navigate through it in just one look. This builds a sense of trust in customers. It also helps in formulating a good client-side strategy for business. Product demo & description, its features, logo, design, analytics generated, etc i.e. all inputs required for the user to see on are made possible with front-end development.

How to start as a beginner and become a Front End developer?  

As a beginner, you should learn and be firm in holding on to basic concepts of HTML, CSS & Javascript. Then you should also have ideas about APIs and how they work. You can learn about APIs from here.

After that, head over to learn any one (at the initial stage) of the front-end frameworks like Bootstrap, ReactJS (preferred), Angular, Vue etc. For making responsive web design/ UI/UX purposes, you should learn about design & animation tools like Figma, Anima, Framer, etc.

Now, the final & most important checkpoint is consistent practice backed with debugging, testing & deployment of the web application/website you develop. 

Also, you can showcase these projects in your resume and then apply for internships to get industry-level & real-life exposure.

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These references/tutorials you may find helpful and can follow:-

Till then, keep building & keep sharing !!

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