Internships : Gateway to Exposure in Any Industry

Hey Folks!! In this article, we would be discussing internships and how it can help you with upskilling yourself along with enhancing your career growth.

So, let’s first understand what exactly happens during an internship?
Internships are official programs conducted by employer(s) or companies to train potential students with industrial real-life hands-on learning projects, their implementation & thus gain experience during a certain time period (around 2-6 months in general).

Regardless of your current education level or desired career path, an internship enhances your professional growth.

Internships back you with following benefits

1. Tests Industry Knowledge
Learning in the classroom or self-study can develop your skills but can’t help you to assess and test your skills whether they are enough for real-world projects or not? Internships help you in achieving the same and evaluate yourself on an industrial scale. Internships also help you to add value to your skill set according to industry standards & requirements.

2. Connect you with Professional Network
Internships allow you to network with both new and experienced professionals within your industry. Further, into your professional career, you can help each other in getting recommended for opportunities at your companies. Internships teach you how to collaborate, build & debug projects and innovate different ideas/add-ons.

3. Allows you to learn in a safe environment
One reason why internships are valuable is because they offer the optimal experience for the discovery of your professional strengths and weaknesses. When an intern makes a mistake at their internship, they can learn how to address it, but more importantly, move forward from it.

4. Allows you to potentially gain more internship opportunities
Accomplishing one internship can be a great way to obtain another internship offer(s) later on. It adds to your previous experience and acts as a proof of your competency in your domain of expertise which makes other companies/employers prefer you over the crowd.

5. Teaches you about the importance of work-life balance
Internships help you, specifically as college students, to learn and gain experience about the importance & real meaning of work-life balance. Internships teach you how to prioritize stuff both daily as well as office routine, manage them with time and enhance your structured routine. It also opens you up to the “office culture” or “office politics”. If you perform excellently during your internship, the company may offer you PPO (Pre-Placement Offer).

Time laata hai experience aur Experience ka apna value hota hai”. In a nutshell, internships give you valuable experience, which then gets added to your resume.

Worried how to get internships that matches your skillset?
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