What should I know before Applying to Internships?

Hey Folks !!  You might be wondering, after noticing the topic, what kind of topic is it? 🙂 We all know how to apply for internships! Firstly you register on the career portal, fill the application form, wait for follow-back response and so on. Yeah, you are right about this, but let me tell you first what we would be discussing in this article.

We will be discussing the “parameters” which one should keep in mind before or while applying to any type of internships. Now, you would ask why is that important? Like we already mentioned that as soon as you see any internship or job post/ opening, you should go and apply(obviously, before the deadline), right? I would say you are only partially correct. Do you want to know why?  Then, let’s get started with the article.

First of all let’s discuss about the “parameters” mentioned above to take care of while applying for any job/internship(s) :-

Skill set Match

Most important aspect one should observe while applying to internship(s) is “Job Description” or in short JD. Basically, JD describes the minimum requirements, skill sets, qualifications, perks & benefits and other necessary criteria as it will give you a brief idea of whether you should apply or not.

You must “self-analyse” and observe your competency, hands-on project building experience & your expertise according to the Job Description. This will help you in self-evaluation as well as in enhancing your self-confidence to apply for job/internship(s).

Keeping Resume / CV Updated

The second “parameter” is updating your Resume/ Cover Letter(CV) regularly & consistently. You can check this out while making a good professional resume. Another thing that one should refrain from is making “immediate resumes” like you saw a JD and you immediately start putting those required skills (whether you know it or not) in your resume and then apply for the job.

You should have a draft of your resume and you can keep updating it on a regular basis as soon as you learn a new skill, gain experience, or build a good project (which you can show off confidently). It will help you in avoiding “fake-resumes” and in building your confidence while adding valuable contributions in your resume which will make you more self-aware.

One should also keep an updated cover letter, in which you should have answers to questions like ‘why a particular company should hire you for an internship?’, ‘what makes you stand out from the crowd ?’ (give a brief about your experience or competent projects), ‘How does your interest align with the company’s goal/vision/production?’ ( it will depict your self-research about the company you are applying for).

Time Commitment

Last but not the least parameter is “ Time – Commitment “. You need not take all the internship offers that you applied for and successfully grab them. Specifically as a student , you should keep in mind that you are not the only person who has grabbed the internship or has a similar skill set.

You must think about whether you’ll be able to manage the time commitments(full-time/part-time) required for a particular opportunity? If not, then frankly speaking don’t apply for that. You might receive many similar opportunities but it’s not possible for anyone to take up all of them. Otherwise, you would just be wasting your time as well as your employer’s, as it may result in a poor performance during your internship.

Now, that you are aware of all the parameters, you are ready to apply for internships. Cuvette is here to help you out in seeking opportunities and to connect you with companies that have recent internship openings. So, what are you waiting for? Go and Apply!

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