Why should one prefer a Startup over MNCs?

“Being the first to start or leave does not necessarily mean that you will be the first to finish or arrive. Or that you will finish or arrive.”

Software Engineers today are torn between whether to work for a Multinational Corporation or a Start-Up. A Multinational Corporation keeps their employees within a safe bubble while the leaders face the unpredictable market dynamics and provide a cushioned seat of incentives, cash and royalty benefits. These luxuries, come at a price which is freedom of expression. If you aspire to matter, change lives of people, inspire them and not be simply enslaved by any business tycoon, you should join a start-up

No one ever learnt the truth of life by blindly following orders and defined methodologies. One learns it by falling face first in various spine breaking situations, collecting oneself and bracing up for the next fall. You should not confine a brilliant mind like yours to a stagnant and boring lifestyle. Once you are exposed to the freedom of startups, it might result in an economic breakthrough!        

“The comfort zone is a region where great dreams get murdered, buried and forgotten.” 

The following are the salient benefits of working for a start-up:

1. Greater Responsibility

When you join a start-up, you become an integral and reliable part of a very small team. This results in your efforts and unique methods of problem solving being observed and appreciated by the founders. With responsibility comes a sense of authority and empowerment in the field that you will be working in. In an MNC, it takes years to reach a position where you can take decisions or exchange ideas.  

2. Personal Growth and Passion

You will discover joy in creation and innovation rather than consumption. The do or die attitude instilled by the founders and your superiors would tap into the right side of your brain and energise you to take up your own projects. You begin to appreciate personal ownership. It will motivate you to never be afraid of putting forward your wildest ideas and creations. It will give you the confidence you never had.  

3. Abundant Opportunities

A corporate job might be a little more organised and structured, but it might end up being extremely monotonous and boring. A start-up offers you space to develop various skills and diversify your knowledge. Trying out different tasks and exploring other fields might help you discover other things that you might be passionate about. Overall it will make your day-to-day life exciting. 

4. Cognitive Developments around true Innovators and Expanding your Network

In a startup, you will often find innovative founders pro-actively involved in numerous tasks and therefore, you would be able to interact with them on a personal note. Their approach to creativity, new ideas, brilliance and out of the box thought processes are most likely to influence you in the same direction. 

5. Recognition

In many MNCs employees have a very stagnant growth even though they spend their whole lives working hard in achieving the goals allotted to them. The superiors often take up credits for the junior employees’ accomplishments. Your due credit would be looked after, however your faults and slacking will also be noticed and identified by the superiors. This in turn will eventually encourage you to not make mistakes in your work and strive towards perfection. The glory will be yours to bask in!     

6. Amazing Atmosphere

The delight and pride of working together to build on something from scratch helps to create a bond with your colleagues. Due to the close-knit environment of workplace you will have a stress free and healthy lifestyle. This will fill up your days with loads of positivity and gratifying affirmations. Resolving workplace hiccups is easier in such scenarios as you tend to have one on one conversations with people involved. 

7. Diverse Work Schedule

The work schedule in a start-up is negotiable and you can fix it according to your preferred time. Some startups also provide remote work opportunities where you can comfortably work from home living in a different city of your choice. It is a strain free and convenient way to work and would help you to have time for yourself and increase your productivity. Start-ups believe in quality over quantity at all times. 

8. Be Influential

You can significantly impact a start-up and influence its working through your vision and ideas. It will fuel your ambitions in life and improve your leadership skills, as out in the world you will be the one held accountable to grow the company’s legacy. If the start-up positively blows up, you will be able to climb up the success ladder much faster and much further than you would ever expect.  

9. Overall Experience

A practical and hands on knowledge about the working of a company is much more valuable than a theoretical degree claiming that you understand the same. Your experience holds more importance and would benefit you the most in the long term. 

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