Review of the Placement Guaranteed Program – Informative Insights for Beginners

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In this Blog post, Saket shares his experience, highlighting the various aspects of the program that contributed to his preparedness for the job market.


My name is Saket Aryan, a computer science student, who delved into a Placement Guaranteed Program that promised to enhance my technical skills.

As a computer science student, my journey predominantly revolved around web development, with a special focus on the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React, Node.js). Additionally, I had the privilege of working on a research project with Samsung during my internship.

Benefits of the Program:

The program provided a comprehensive curriculum covering web development and DSA. However, what truly set it apart were the hands-on projects. These projects simulated real-world scenarios, offering valuable experience similar to industry standards. As a beginner these projects seemed quite challenging at first but with regular practice and doubt clarifications I was able to get comfortable in making those projects.

Curriculum and Teaching Quality:

The curriculum was well structured, emphasizing the significance of web development skills and data structures for entry-level positions. The teaching quality was amazing, with dedicated doubt-clearing sessions which ensured clarity of concepts which makes it ideal for a beginner. As a beginner you will face a lot of doubts and queries while going through the course. The doubt clearing session were a game changer.

Program Suitability:

I found the program highly suitable for beginners and those seeking to build their web development skills. The structured curriculum and hands-on projects are beneficial to individuals at varying proficiency levels. The practical projects assigned were pivotal in refining our skills. The structured evaluation process allowed constructive feedback and discussion, which enabled us to enhance our coding skills continually.

Commitment and Results:

You need to understand that you need to work hard to make the most out of this program. Consistency emerged truly important to get maximum benefit from the program. By dedicating time daily to learning and project completion, I saw a significant improvement in my skills and knowledge. This later helped me in clearing the Final Evaluation which was a challenging project. But with the training I got from the course coupled with 2-3 hours of work everyday on the project, I was able to clear it.

My positive experience with the Placement Guaranteed Program emphasizes the importance of structured learning, practical projects, and unwavering commitment. The assurance of placement pushes you to add a lot to your skillset, particularly amidst uncertain job market conditions. Whether you are aiming for job security or striving to refine your skills, this program offers a holistic learning experience for aspiring web developers like me.

If you are also looking for jobs, join our Placement Guaranteed Course designed by top IITians and Senior developers & get a Job guarantee of CTC upto 25 LPA – /placement-guarantee-program/

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