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Why are multiple internships helpful?

It is no mystery to the Undergraduates and the Graduates that a professional internship is a significant part of their Education. It acts as a groundwork over which they will build the initial days of their career. Internships provide an irreplaceable opportunity to students and young professionals to receive insights into the different aspects of real-time work. Through a survey it was brought to notice that 65% of employers expect college graduates to have at least 2 internships previously. The more the number of internships done by a college student the more candidature for their future job.

1. Broader exposure

Multiple internships guide you towards attaining more clarity concerning your true passion and helps you select your career path wisely. Each internship pushes you towards exploring various possibilities and career paths. You might like the most travelled path or dig in for the road less travelled. Multiple internships also diversifies your resume and exhibits your dedication to expand your skills and flexibility to the interviewer. An extensive experience would also help you demonstrate the several aspects of a particular field of study and application. Your life will cease to be monotonous and boring henceforth.

2. Stronger preparation

One has to maintain a stable balance between a technically inclined academic lifestyle and social culture involving numerous soft skills. Multiple internships encourage an individual to improvise on various concrete skills such as communication, networking and interviewing. Also, multiple internships often tend to build upon each other, not only increasing the quantity but also the quality of your work process. You are able to acquire a much stronger base to construct a healthy professional life. 

3. Deeper connection

You will be introduced to numerous professional mentors for yourself who will be happy to help you and guide you towards being a perfectionist. This will not only expand your scope of problem solving but also help you build upon your own unique approach. You will be out in the industry networking your way to success and honour. Multiple internships will help you get strong references and contacts that will provide momentum to your career. You will be influenced and motivated to do your tasks better than yesterday! 

4. Reputation

By connecting and linking yourself as an intern for a prestigious company, you would be giving forth a good reputation to your interviewer which would significantly increase your chances of getting shortlisted. You would be bestowing a sense of credibility on yourself and for yourself. Multiple internships will teach you ways to be resourceful and help you with technical tactics that would later induce a sense of comfort when you actually step out in the corporate world as a full time employee. 

5. Job opportunities

Sometimes you come across great companies that you enjoy working for. Occasionally, companies such as these offer you a transition to a full-time employee. This opens up a lot of job opportunities. 

Where to draw the line?

While you anxiously attempt to grab onto as many internships as you can to generate that X-Factor in you, you must keep in mind that you should only consume a digestible amount of work and not overload yourself in the hoard of being the best. In order to maximise the learning and experience, you should ensure that you are providing the company with 100 percent of your attention, time and effort which is allotted for internships and not getting deviated by other internship opportunities. Being overwhelmed would only reduce your productivity and efficiency. The concept of an internship, thus, would be defeated.

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