Cancellation/ Refund policy
  • At Cuvette (Pronounce as Q-vet), we help Students to connect with Startups for all kinds of Jobs & Internships (Tech, Management, Media, etc)
  • We have more than 300K students and 6000+ companies on the platform. The students can connect with their peers, learn from community events, and get guidance from mentors
  • Cuvette was founded by IIT Kharagpur alumni Atul Singhal and Sudhanshu Singh. Cuvette aims to solve the problem of skill gap between students and industry expectations by motivating students to learn industry relevant skills and connect them with startups to gain industry exposure.
  • You can read the complete refund/ cancellation of Pay after Internship policy - Pay after Internship policy
  • If there is any other paid program of Cuvette, then the refund/ cancellation policy will be followed according to that specific program.
  • In case of any query you can contact us at: [email protected] or our corporate office at 2nd Floor, Suite No.1169, 39, NGEF Lane, Indiranagar, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560038