How can a fresher secure job opportunities?

Manish has completed our Placement Guaranteed Program and has been successfully placed. He is a 2023 CSE Graduates with one year gap. Students like Manish are examples of the results that our course can produce. Listen to his experience about the course and insights about what to do to set yourself apart as freshers.

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In today’s competitive job market, securing a job as a fresher can seem nearly impossible. Many companies shy away from hiring new graduates, often citing the extensive training and experience gap as major factors. In this blog post, I will share my in-depth review of the Placement Guarantee Program that seeks to close this gap between freshers and available job opportunities.

Background and Enrollment Experience:

My journey as a computer engineer in search of job opportunities in 2023 led me to discover Cuvette, a startup based in Bangalore offering a unique placement program. Initially sceptical, I was pleasantly surprised when I landed an offer after just one interview. This unconventional approach set the stage for what would be an excellent learning experience.

What challenges have you faced while finding jobs off-campus?

As a fresher, the intense competition in the job market was the most significant hurdle I encountered. Many companies are reluctant to hire someone without experience, preferring to avoid the investment of resources in training. Despite numerous applications, the lack of responses made it clear how necessary a program like this was for someone like me.

What did you like most about the program?

Cuvette’s program stood out because of its affordability, concise duration, and practical approach to learning. Unlike traditional courses, Cuvette allowed me the flexibility to explore without being bound by overly strict guidelines. The focus on practical projects and realistic evaluation criteria simulated real-world scenarios which significantly improved my learning experience.

How was your experience with the final evaluation?

The assessment process was well-aligned with the evaluation projects, eliminating the need for extensive research to find opportunities online. This made the journey to securing interviews and job placements much smoother than I anticipated.

How was your overall experience?

My positive experience with Cuvette really emphasised the program’s inclusivity and fairness. Cuvette’s commitment to providing equal opportunities to individuals at all experience levels set it apart from traditional learning platforms. 

Cuvette’s Placement Guarantee Program offers a viable solution for fresh graduates like myself who are navigating through the competitive job market. With emphasis on practical projects, and dedication to securing job placements, Cuvette proves to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to kick start their career. My personal journey with Cuvette exemplifies the program’s effectiveness in connecting individuals with meaningful employment opportunities in today’s competitive job market.

If you are also looking for jobs, join our Placement Guaranteed Course designed by top IITians and Senior developers & get a Job guarantee of CTC upto 25 LPA – /placement-guarantee-program/

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